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Suspended Construction

Detrick Suspended Constructions provide the industrial heat enclosure designer with a tool kit of robust and reliable dense refractory systems

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Suspended Construction has unrivalled long term integrity in the toughest heat containment applications. The unique Detrick design allows the use of structural materials for structural strength and refractory materials for refractory endurance. Designs are available in a wide range of refractory and casting qualities and shapes to give total engineering flexibility.

Detrick Suspended Constructions are built up of prefired brick shapes which have better resistance to chemical and mechanical attack than unfired materials. All materials are manufactured under controlled factory conditions and are subject to stringent quality assurance procedures. The quality of refractory installed is not dependent on site mixing. Expansion and movement in service are absorbed within the construction. The resulting constructions are extremely strong and stable and outlast other designs.

Detrick Suspended Construction is more economical to install than other heavy refractory systems and installation problems are solved in our engineering office rather than on site. There is no risk of site practice affecting final quality of the refractory and no expensive shuttering is required during installation. No curing is required and units can be heated up immediately. Repairs can be built back up to the same high quality as original, from spares which do not decay or lose their properties over long periods of storage.