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The Detrick Prefired Module is a composite lining system for industrial furnaces and kilns

Detrick Prefired Module System

It has a very low thermal conductivity and low heat storage. The system has been installed in over one thousand furnaces worldwide, and has proven long term performance and reliability. It can be used at temperatures up to 1575oC.

The system is based on a prefired vacuum formed five sided box which is filled with bulk insulation. The standard module is edged on two adjacent sides with Demex felt to seal against the next module. The standard size is 450mm x 305mm, thicknesses between 100mm and 300mm.


The prefired module system performs better and lasts longer than most other systems. High cost components are used where they give the greatest benefit to the user.


The proven anchor system is based on heavy duty clips cut and bent from heat resisting stainless steel plate. The anchors are located in a protected position and are fixed to the furnace shell by failsafe break-off studs, or bolt through screw sets. All welds can be visually and mechanically checked.

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