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We are pleased to introduce our company

M H Detrick Co Ltd.  

M H Detrick has had an international presence for over 80 years. It is an engineering organisation whose primary interest was to serve industry by engineering and designing suspended refractory constructions applicable to all industrial furnaces.

Through the intervening years M H Detrick Co. Ltd has explored the low thermal mass furnace lining concept and developed the Detrick Prefired Module system. We are now ideally placed to design and specify either our refractory Suspended Construction or our low thermal mass Prefired Module system for all industrial kiln or furnace applications.

Through the application of our engineered constructions Detrick has contributed enormously to more efficient furnace designs resulting in increased production, lower maintenance and less cost per tonne production cost.


The tested designs provide the necessary linings to serve the iron & steel, glass and petrochemical industries and also municipal incineration.

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